At Neubauer Consulting, we work closely with our clients to provide excellent solutions. If you consider to work with us, either as an employee, or as a freelancer, please read the considerations below to find out what we expect and what we can offer.

What we expect

We work with top clients around the world and they demand top quality work results. Thus, employees and freelancers working with us need the following personality traits:

  • high conscientiousness
  • very open minded
  • excellent communication skills
  • willing to take responsibility
  • personal integrity

If you are planning to send us an application, please provide examples from your career/life that demonstrate these traits.

Further requirements are:

  • ready to travel worldwide for prolonged time periods
  • ability to get visas for all countries with major financial markets (e.g. no criminal records that would conflict that)
  • conservative business dress and outfit, if required by clients

We have of course a more relaxed dress code in internal offices. But your business suit should always be available the next day, should we have an in-house meeting with a client.

What we offer

At Neubauer Consulting, we have an open discussion culture. Everybody can talk to everybody directly across hierarchies and without prior consent from managers. A free flow of information is fostered, but we also hold high confidentiality with respect to clients and related projects. As an employee or freelancer working with us, you must be able to handle this balancing act.

Open discussion also means that we have an open error culture. We openly discuss errors that we have made, without accusations, learning from that, to avoid making similar mistakes in the future. As an employee or freelancer working with us, your personality needs to be able to cope with such an open error culture.

At Neubauer Consulting, we encourage thinking out-of-the-box. There is no top-down imposing of solutions. We gather ideas from everybody, across hierarchies, and evaluate them independently to get to the best solution. Junior employees should contribute fresh ideas that they bring with them from universities, but should also consider valid the caution that seniors contribute with their background of experience. Senior employees should always widen their horizon with the ideas from juniors, foster creativity, and make wise decisions.

At Neubauer Consulting, we endorse Linux and open source software. Thus we are predominantly running our computers with Linux operating systems, using open source software if possible.

At Neubauer Consulting, the company language is English. We are working in international teams. To break down barriers and promote trust, we discourage the use of other languages during work time, especially in settings where the majority speaks a different first language. The exception are of course meetings with clients that need to be held in the client’s preferred language.

At Neubauer Consulting, we provide clear career paths, e.g. from junior consultant to experienced consultant to senior consultant. Higher ranking consultants are always ready and required to provide help and advice. Your career advances with experience gained in projects, credibility and trustworthiness to clients, responsibility shown, and your overall contributions to the company.

At Neubauer Consulting, employees not working on client projects are encouraged to enhance their skills through learning activities. Alternatively, we foster internal projects in an incubator that may lead to new products and services for our clients.

At Neubauer Consulting, we hold high a healthy work-/life-balance. We are working hard and concentrated on our client projects. Overtime work may occur in critical project phases, but we strive towards near-term compensation in free hours/days. On the other hand, we discourage spending your work time in social networks or with other personal interests. Our general position is that long-term excessive working hours are counter-productive, endanger the quality of our work, and the health of our employees. We therefor promote a healthy life style. We provide 15 personal vacation days to our employees, in addition to all Hong Kong public holidays.