We conduct research in the fields of Evolution-/Genetic-Algorithms and Dynamical Systems. Research projects may be eligible for research grants of governments or private institutions. We cooperate with universities for selected projects.

Evolution- / Genetic-Algorithms

Algorithms that resemble natural processes can provide fast solutions for problems that normally require exponential processing time, especially NP-hard problems. At Neubauer Consulting we convert academic research into practical implementations for suitable problems by answering the question: “How has nature solved similar problems?”

Examples for suitable problem categories include resource allocation and workload distribution in computer systems.

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Dynamical Systems

Even relatively simple systems may become unpredictable or uncontrollable when approaching saturation or when exposed to specific environmental factors. Oscillation, bifurcation, resonance, and singularities are well known effects that have been examined with mathematics. However, real life (computer) systems never follow straight mathematical formulas. Too complex are the interactions of the several components. At Neubauer Consulting we examine the problem on the real system, detect the fault lines in hardware and software, decompose the related dynamical subsystems, and involve research to understand the problem’s root cause and create a solution for our clients.

Examples for suitable problem categories include oscillating system states, deadlocks, scalability problems, and unexplainable system contention.

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– system-, high-level-, and low-level-design and -architecture for multi-process applications,
– moving your software design from single-process to multi-process,
– strange behaviors that you encounter on your systems.

University Cooperation

We cooperate with professors and university departments in mathematics, statistics, and information technology, based on specific research projects for our clients. If you are a researcher at a university or similar institution and your research interests overlap with our topics, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss a potential future cooperation with you.